Finding Your Blogging Style

There are probably millions of bloggers out there already doing their ‘thing’, which gives you a good excuse not to join them.

But you also know that blogging is a fantastic way of getting your name known, propelling yourself to expert status within your field and of course, build loads of links to your website.

So, how do you make sure your blog stands out from the crowd? What can you do to make yourself different?

Finding your voice

Even though there are already people out there blogging about your niche, you have one advantage over them – no one can blog like you can.

That’s why it’s so important to create your own style and voice and not copy your favourite blogger’s. If you do, people won’t read your stuff (in all likelihood a poor imitation) when they can read the original.

But how do you achieve that? How do you find your blogging voice?

1. Personality

Write naturally – this isn’t a formal sales letter you’re putting out, it’s an opinion, more importantly, your opinion.

Word out what suits you best, writing…

  • Formally or informally?
  • Conversationally and chatty
  • Amusingly or straight laced?

2. Be you

Once you’ve decided on your writing style, let your personality shine through.

The best way to achieve this is, as you write, imagine yourself sat opposite a good friend and write as you would talk to them. By doing this, you’ll come across as approachable, honest and your writing will be very accessible.

3. Look back

Once you’ve written a post, don’t just forget about it.

Review your past posts regularly and look at which ones attracted the most readers. Then, take a look at its subject matter, how you laid it out, the approach you took and replicate it for future posts.

By constantly reviewing and assessing your work, you’ll develop a winning formula.

4. Details

Simple details like your turn of phrase, use of punctuation, vocabulary and layout style will distinguish you from other writers.

Find a style that you’re comfortable with and stick with it. Blog readers tend to return to the same blogs not only for their informative posts, but also for their familiar style – it’s like slipping on their favourite slippers every time they stop by to read.

Finding your blogging style is essential if you want to differentiate yourself from the rest of the bloggers out there. Writing informative, well thought out and accurate posts will attract readers to you, but you must also adopt a welcoming and easy-to-read style if you want them to keep coming back.